Import MODFLOW Grid

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Package: MODFLOW Analyst

Tool Type: Geoprocessing Model


  • MODFLOW2K executable
  • MODFLOW project name file
  • Output Geodatabase Type (FILE or PERSONAL)
  • Output Geodatabase folder
  • Output Geodatabase name
  • Cell2D feature class
  • DISVars Table
  • Number of Rows Field
  • Number of Columns Field
  • Number of Layers Field
  • DELRC Table
  • Top Elevation Table
  • Grid X Origin
  • Grid Y Origin
  • Grid Angle


  • Output Geodatabase
  • Cell2D feature class


This geoprocessing model wraps the Import Grid Discretization tool and the Build Cell2D Features tool. It imports the grid from a MODFLOW model and populates the Cell2D feature class and the grid related tables in the Discretization group in the MODFLOW Data Model. The tool only supports MODFLOW 2000 models.

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