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Import Raster Series tool loads a raster dataset into a raster catalog and attributes the raster with start and end date/time. The start and end date/time represent the time period of the data stored in the raster, and can be used for animating a series of rasters stored in the catalog.

View of the Import Raster Series tool interface and the resulting raster stored and attributed in a raster catalog.


The tool can be run in batch mode to import a set of rasters into the catalog and to attribute them with the appropriate date/time values.

Importing and attributing rasters in batch mode with the Import Raster Series tool.

To automate the process of generating a set of raster series from point features and time series data the tool can be combined in a model with the Time Series Statistics tool. The following example shows a model that a) creates time series statistics from given points and tabular time series, b) interpolates the points to a raster, and c) Imports the raster to a raster catalog and attributes the rasters with appropriate date/time values.

Linking together the Time Series Statistics and Import Raster Series tools.